Information for rising Yearlings - Camp Buckner

The following information has been provided by the Department of Military
Instruction (DMI) via the USMA Public Affairs Office. Please note that the
schedule (and accordingly, the information pertaining thereto) ARE still
subject to change:

(1) All cadets must report directly to Camp Buckner no later than 1700 (5
p.m.) on Friday June 17, 2005. There will be a formation - in uniform -
at 1700, so cadets should not be skating in at the last moment. It can
take upwards of 45 minutes to process back in, get to their bay and get
changed into uniform

(2) Parents dropping off cadets can drop them off at the main parking lot
at Camp Buckner. Parents are not permitted in the area of the bays (living

(3) Parents *may* be able to visit their cadets at Camp Buckner on Sunday
June 26, Sunday, July 3, and Monday July 4. Make sure you clear this with
your cadet prior to coming to make sure your individual cadet will be free
and will not be training. Privileges for cadets has not been
determined. It should be noted that any privileges granted on those days
(even having visitors) will depend on whether the weather in the preceeding
days / weeks caused the training schedule to be slipped, necessitating a
"make up" of some training exercises.

(4) August 5, 2005 will be the Awards Ceremony at 1700 ( 5 p.m.). Parents
may attend this event.

(5) Run back to West Point will be on Sunday August 7, 2005 at 6:00
a.m. At the conclusion of the run back the cadets will begin
Reorganization Week and there will be NO visitation with cadets at the
conclusion of the run back.

Again, please note that the above information may be revised.

Now that we've established ... at least for the moment , that the
yearlings will report back for CFT at Camp Buckner on Friday, June 17th
(and you may recall that I had predicted this would be the date, as it is
the last day of STEP - summer term academic program) ... a few questions
have been raised ...

(1) Do the rising yearlings go to Buckner from the graduation
ceremony. And if so, should we allow extra time for the cadets to get back
to USMA for departure?

In 2001, the Class of 2004 attended graduation, then was bussed out to Camp
Buckner and released for summer leave from Camp Buckner. The busses for
the airports departed from Buckner, and any parents driving in to pick up
their sons/daughters sat in the long que to get in to / out from Buckner.

In 2002, 2003 and 2004, the cadets were all released from the main garrison
(meaning right at USMA). They did NOT travel out to Buckner after the
graduation ceremonies. The busses all departed for the airports from West
Point, as they do for all other occasions, leaving from the parking lot
behind the reviewing stand.

In 2002, there were busses scheduled to depart at 1:00 and a late bus at
either 4:00 or 5:00.. Apparently, the later busses were not at all
popular (and the cadets must clear barracks earlier anyway) and all the
busses were hitting the dusty trail around 1:00 - 1:30....

Parents who are driving in to pick up their sons/daughters should be aware
that the Central Area will be a parking nightmare, what with all the
Firsties having their cars parked up there, loaded to the gills, and
getting ready to head out the gates. Traffic will be a nightmare ... and
the smart folks are those that pre-arrange to meet their son/daughter at a
distant location .... one friend actually had her son take the ferry to
Garrison .... or just be aware that for a few hours after
graduation, you may be in a grid lock ... which is understandable, as all
the newly minted 2LTs are coming back down from Michie Stadium, changing in
their "Class A" uniforms for the first time, and going off to their
respective swearing in exercises. Patience and understanding are the key
to a happy day.