Graduate Updates


Tyler Powell Class of 2008
Tyler is stationed at USUHS (Military Medical School in Bethesda Maryland) He has just finished his first year of medical school and is doing well. He had his White Coat Ceremony in June which is when they are considered Doctors in Training.
Shawn Carlson Class of 2006
Shawn just completed his first year at FT. Lewis in Tacoma, WA where he is a logistics officer for a Stryker battalion.  His battalion is part of a large contingency of Stryker brigades and is being deployed to Iraq with an official commencement date of Sept 26th.  As a logistics officer he is responsible for the timely deployment of all vehicles, supplies, etc to support 9/26 as such he will need to start his deployment in mid August.  His deployment base will be in the Baghdad area. 
Shawn attended JRTC (Joint Readiness Training Camp) at Ft Polk in June for 5-6 weeks. Prior to his assignment at Ft. Lewis Shawn spent a year at Camp Casey in South Korea. June 1 Shawn received his captain's bars


Josh Swartsel Class of 2007

Josh is in northern Iraq - south of Mosul at a large Army post known as Q-West


Cody St. Onge Class of 2008

Cody is stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  He is Fire Control Platoon Leader and they are currently training for deployment.  He is living in a 4 man apt off post.


David Michelson Class of 2008

After completing a year of training at Ft. Benning, David earned his Ranger Tab and headed to Ft. Lewis near Seattle Washington in June 2009. David is in Iraq as of September 2009 for a 12 month tour with a Stryker brigade. He is stationed at FOB Normandy.